Working with Cashman you always get 2 for 1 – both talent and producer at the same time.

- Mark Standal

Mighty Media

Greatly improved my productions and I look forward to continuing our growing relationship!

- David Van Maren

ABC Management & Miss USA Pageants

Chris Cashman is one of the brightest, funniest people I’ve have had the pleasure to be associated. What I love about his work is that it fits all media. He’s funny and informative on radio. His humor translates to television. Even better, his work translates to the internet. He has it all covered. Television and now the internet calls for quick thinking, quick info and quick humor. Cashman is the money in all of those areas.

- John Clayton

ESPN Senior Writer

His work is cutting edge. His humor is contagious. When Cashman walks on stage, you just know you’re in for a big treat!

- John Sharify

President NW NATAS