THE LATEST: Chris Joins Fox Sports Radio in the NW!
It’s a great time to stock up on Q-tips. Keep a listen for Chris’s highly entertaining Seahawks reports throughout the year. News, views and humorous accounts of Seattle’s surprising season and the fans that can’t hide their pride.

Since the stations inception in 2009, Chris served as the afternoon Sportscenter Anchor for ESPN radio in Seattle. 710 ESPN Seattle is home to the Seahawks and Mariners. Chris brought his unique brand of humor to the sports entertainment fans of the Northwest. On “8-9-10″ Chris was chosen to team up with legendary NW Sports Radio host David Grosby. As the Co Host and Producer for “The Groz”, Chris helped form a truly unique listening experience. From poking fun at professional sports to producing hilarious parodies and character phone calls, Chris kept fans laughing , usually on purpose. Chris left ESPN radio in Feb of 2011 to work on his experiments and to better understand the expanding universe. The station continues in a new format Chris calls “Sans Cashman.”

Chris Cashman is one of the brightest, funniest people I’ve have had the pleasure to be associated. What I love about his work is that it fits all media. He’s funny and informative on radio. His humor translates to television. Even better, his work translates to the internet. He has it all covered. Television and now the internet calls for quick thinking, quick info and quick humor. Cashman is the money in all of those areas. - JOHN CLAYTON