Thankfully, we here at Construction Expertise have be raised up by a generation of tradesman who placed a high value not only on hard work, follow through and fine craftsmanship, but on premium quality building materials. When it comes to the interior and exterior needs of your home, it always pays dividends to not cut corners on materials. Trust us, we know. Remember, we are in the business of ‘renovation.’ That means that we are the ones who more times than not, are brought in to identify a problem that is caused by either A. an improper installation of a product, such as a window, flashing, siding etc. or B. a poor quality product that was either not suitable for a specific application, or just below par quality. If there is anything that we have learned in our professional tenure of building it is this: How not to do something, and which products not to use. Check out some of the manufacturers and suppliers we have aligned ourselves with over the years: